Digital Citizenship Continuum

K-6th Continuum for Digital Citizenship

(Every year starts with a creation/revision of a digital citizen pledge)


  • How to treat the computer lab/computer with care and kindness
  • How to memorize a password and don’t share it with others
  • How to log out and shut down the computer or program
  • Teacher models how to communicate online with software like Skype to bring in experts to teach subject matter.


  • Type in very simple website addresses and search the simple name of the website to find it.
  • Create images both online and by scanning them to the computer to learn copyright
  • Use teacher selected websites that allow for free use of images


  • Introduce how to search/research online. More teacher modeling. Introduce keyword searches not typing in the exact question
  • Start learning how to evaluate websites
  • Role-play how to prevent bulling both in person and cyberbullying


  • Students to research online. Learn more about keywords that change the search results.
  • Learn how to use other types of research online other then search engine. Use the online dictionary, thesauri, almanacs, atlas (or Google maps)
  • Learn about internet spam, why it is there and what we can do to stop it


  • Learn and discuss the different types of websites (gov, org, net, com, edu) and what it means to have this as part of an address
  • Use agoogleaday to help with searching online
  • Reference page of some kind required for all papers
  • Teacher modeling of appropriate use of email for communication
  • Learn how images can be altered digitally
  • Cell phone etiquette

5th  Social Networking, emailing editic

  • Create school Google email address under our Google apps for education
  • Teacher modeling of blogging (one class blog) with student input
  • Start using Edmodo in the classroom
  • Agree on one way to require students to cite material and continue to use it in 6th grade
  • Start an emphasis on Cyberbullying. Use real examples and have students role-play how they could change the situation


  • Introduce more advanced search engines like Google Scholar
  • Continue to use Edmodo
  • Allows students to start their own blogs and work on how to appropriately comment and post
  • Allow for other ‘prosumer’ type of software to be used in class like Voicethread.
  • Continue with cyberbullying and give them opportunities to show they can communicate online (like with Edmodo and blogging) without cyberbullying and harassment.

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